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For more than a decade, two premiers Mike Rann and Jay Weatherill have been begging Canberra to impose a price signal to drive orderly investment decisions in energy assets, and orderly rationalisations of elderly and polluting power stations. doctor home loan program Oak Laurel 0430129662 Those efforts, unfortunately for South Australia, and the rest of us, have proven a colossal waste of time. The stupidity and hyperpartisan recklessness continues apace. So what of SAs particular model of survivalism? As a suite of measures, the Weatherill plan is rational enough. It addresses the specific problems that have been exposed in state infrastructure over the past few months: not enough generation-ready baseload power in the state, and not enough gas to supply the generation assets that currently exist. It also makes sense to invest in more technical back-up for renewables, given low-emissions technologies account for a large percentage of generation assets in SA, and will only increase their share if Australia ever adopts a halfway serious climate policy. But the fixes are not without consequences. SA has galloped ahead of the Finkel review, which is supposed to be the mechanism to resolve the problems in the national electricity market, assuming politicians are still capable of acting in the national interest. Given we dont know whether emissions reduction will be driven in the future by a market mechanism or by regulation, or by something else entirely, SA has cooked up its own policy model, an energy security target, which will compel retailers to source a percentage of their energy from local supply rather than from Victorian coal through the interconnector.